Established in 1994, Utility Resource Management Group, Inc. is the nation’s pre-eminent utility consulting company. URM is headquartered in Irvine, California and serves clients of all sizes in over 28 states from coast to coast. URM specializes in solutions to reduce the utility (electricity, natural gas, water/sewer, oil, steam, waste) and telecommunications expenses of its clients. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with the highest level of expertise in the areas of rate analysis, tariff interpretation and optimization, historical billing audits, refunds, credits, savings solutions and energy management. Companies of all sizes can and do benefit from URM’s services.

FORTUNE 500, large, and mid-sized companies alike, rely on URM to evaluate and supplement their own in-house efforts. Our unparalleled experience as utility experts offers companies the confidence that every opportunity has been identified and considered. Delivering both supply side and demand side solutions, our clients are able to maximize their savings, increase their budget certainty and enhance their bottom line profitability.

Savings Solutions
Increasing costs in the ever changing utility environment has made the identification of savings opportunities become more crucial than ever. URM has the most capable utility analysts in the business with well over 200 years of combined experience. They are able to identify the problem and create the savings solution, whereby others would not even know there was a problem or need for a solution.

As a client of URM we will perform in depth historical audits of your utility bills. During the audit we focus on overcharges and billing errors, as well as misapplied past credits and/or refunds.

Refunds & Credits
Once a billing error, overcharge or misapplied credit has been identified, often the most important step is neglected by other consulting firms, that is getting the money back to you. At URM we will never overlook this step because we owe it to our client and this is also how we are paid. Remember, URM only gets paid after our clients receive the benefit of URM’s analysis and work.

Energy Management
Our energy management approach exceeds that of traditional service providers. No company has more experience in the deregulated energy markets than URM. URM was there in 1998 when electricity was deregulated for the first time in the United States. Even if your company is in a regulated energy market, URM is able to develop an energy program that will generate savings.

Demand Solutions
Our Demand Side staff of engineers will create an in-depth profile of your facilities' energy usage to provide solutions to lower your energy expenses, drive down waste, and put savings straight to your bottom line.

Clients Served: