• URM successfully lobbied to defer the closure date of a favorable utility rate to allow for greater participation.
  • URM obtained significant natural gas refunds for our clients who, due to the complexity in the filing process, had planned to disregard.
  • URM is in the forefront of green initiatives through research and development of electric load reduction products to help facilitate LEED certification.
  • URM pursued unscrupulous 3rd party power provider and obtained settlements from the provider on behalf of clients. (The Provider then left California.)
  • URM, as a result of its significant market representation, developed and implemented exclusive long term energy contracts with favorable fixed rates and/or tariff discounts previously not available in the marketplace.
  • URM discovered tariff language errors that resulted in the nation’s 2nd largest Utility correcting the tariff language opening up savings opportunities for our clients and other ratepayers.
  • URM successfully lobbied a major Midwest electric utility to "grandfather in" URM’s clients for a savings program that had been unfairly closed to new participants.
  • Clients Served: